CG Smoking Timbers

Relying on our long history and knowledge of Australian timbers and our love of eating great quality free range and grass fed meat, we've developed materials for use in all types of BBQ grills and smokers to give you that authentic low and slow BBQ cooking experience.

We select, harvest, season and process our smoking timbers by hand, with your experience in mind.


Smoking Chips

Chips are very small pieces of wood that are great for small, quick bursts of smoke.  For a subtle smoke flavour in your gas or charcoal BBQ.


Smoking Dust

Smoking dust is traditionally used for cold smoking for its slow smoulder and low heat.   To hot smoke, use CG Smoking Dust in a smoking tray (or wrapped in alfoil with some vents cut in) in your gas BBQ with the top closed to give your grilled meat that ‘cooked over an open fire’ taste.  


Smoking Chunks

Chunks are  pieces of Australian timber,  generally 50mm or less. These pieces generate smoke over a longer period of time.  

With more smoke and longer burn times, CG Smoking Chunks are best for long, slow cooking.

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Smoking Logs

CG Smoking Logs are full pieces of wood, like you would use in a wood stove or to build a campfire. they are split to max 300mm length by 100mm diameter. These are best for low and slow barbecuing in a pit or with an offset smoker.  These pieces are for long burn, low and slow barbeque, for larger pieces of meat, smoking hams and authentic 'whole carve' poultry. They take a long time to get to the point where you cook over them and produce the best flavour of all CG Smoking Timber products.


Smoking Flakes

CG Smoking Flakes are manufactured to create a larger particle size.   They ignite quickly, giving the opportunity to infuse your meat with a delicate smoky flavour in short time.  This makes them perfect for fish, chicken off the bone and cheese.   Perfect for use with a hooded gas barbeque.